Atlanta SEO Expert Keyword – How Do We Rank?

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Atlanta SEO Expert keyword has 606,000 competing pages, considerably competitive one, but do you ever wonder how we rank it quickly? Yeah! Seriously, QUICKLY! No blackhat, grey hat or whatsoever involved spamming effort. This is purely white hat and you don’t need to worry about having penalties.

2 Ways To Rank Your Keyword – How Do We Rank in Competitive Atlanta SEO Expert Keyword?

1. Hire an Atlanta SEO Expert – you may call 478 227-5630 or contact Mactown SEO team for FREE SEO consultation.

2. Follow this SEO 101 Guide

  1. altanta seo expert, social media expertThink a keyword that describe your website, products and services, the longest the better. e.g gold coast web designer or rent a lamborghini for a day who has 1,000 monthly average search, 71,800  competing pages. If you want to rank quickly, keyword that has less than 40,000 competitng pages is a winnable one but sometimes winnable keywords has high competing pages. Well, don’t be a afraid take a risk, if you’re doing right you’ll probably hit your goal.
  2. Create an article about your keyword, Make sure your keyword excess greater than 2% and less than 4% KD. Don’t forget to include LSI keywords, inbound and outbounds links, do follow and no follow links .
  3. Don’t forget to bold some LSI and exact target keyword.
  4. Altags, image altags, title tags should be fill up.
  5. Your article should be atleast 500 words and should unique, to maintain the uniqueness of your content check our article “ how to check plagiarism.”
  6. Don’t forget to fill up your meta title and meta description, I would recommend all in one seo pack.
  7. Once your done submit your link to 502 directories, and pinging sites so search engine can index it quickly. Also, fetch it at webmaster console if necessary.
  8. Backlink your sites to do follow websites, Make it sure that when your create an article your anchor text should link to your money site ( your article permalink or youtube link)
  9. Create a video about your target keyword backlink it to your article link and embed your videos to other video sharing sites.
  10. Transform the video to pdf or pics and submit it to social media sites like pinterest and slideshare ( always remember to use your anchor text linking back to your website).
  11. Wait 3-4 days and see your ranking 🙂

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