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Atlanta SEO Tips – Top SEO Guru Skills You Should Have

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Atlanta SEO ExpertAtlanta SEO 101 Tips – Things You Should Know Before Hiring an SEO Guru

Finding the right person who can trust on your business is really frustrating and hard to do. A lot of people are claiming that they are an expert, promising you to guarantee rank 1st in search engine. Let just pretend,  luckily you rank in google but do you really know what they are doing? How sure are you that you’re not violating search engine rules and not doing web spam?

Well, below are the things you should take to consider before hiring somebody to outsource SEO work.

  • Webmaster Tools – an seo expert should know how to fully set up, configure and solve issues on your webmaster console.
  • Programming Knowledge – most of onpage SEO are technical stuff like speeding up your website, creating A/B landing pages so a basic programming knowledge should be necessary.
  • Graphics and Animation Skill – one of the best way to promote your products is creating a highly quality presentation for your audience.
  • Super Star Writer – you need a super star writer who can convey the bots especially your prospect customer.
  • Can Analyze And Research – has ability to analyze both strength and weakness of your competitors.




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